How to colour the hair at home

If the colour faded down and  looks dull it is possible to refresh it or change the look;  a permanent colour is the right solution!

Remember: never wash the hair before the colour application; the sebum protects the scalp.


Put on the gloves and protective cape contained into the Kit and follow the instructions to prepare the mixture.

Applying the product

Separate the hair into two sections starting from the centre.

It is possible to start to apply the product, starting from the roots and continuing to apply it line after line. At every step, massage well the roots  so that the colour deeply penetrate into the hair body. After distributing the colour on the hairline,  proceed on the lengths, distributing the mixture all over and continuing to massage well, lock by lock. After completing the entire head, flatten the hair as if you were going to tie it in a bun.

Resting time

SILIUM colour should be left onto the hair for 10 minutes or 30-40 minutes (depending of the line category of chosen colour kit ) it is not advisable to speed up the colour process by using hair dryer or other heat sources. The regrowth should, in fact, be allowed to dry naturally.


Keep the gloves on. Once the resting time is off, pour on the hair a small quantity of warm water and gently massage to emulsify the colour mixture. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Then, apply the POST-COLOR treatment contained in the kit, all over the hair, leaving it onto the hair for few minutes. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Proceed with styling.