Hair colour and treatment for the health and beauty of hair and scalp.


From 1996 to date

SILIUM Cosmetici was founded in 1996 and the brand was registered in Italy; later on, the protection was expanded to the EU and some non-EU countries.
The brand owner is: Carma Italia. SILIUM Cosmetici was launched in 1997 in the perfumery channel, with a hair removal range, developed with a focus on consumers with sensitive skin.

In 2005, has been launched SILIUM 5 CEREALI permanent coloration ammonia free. Thanks to Laboratories partners of Carma it has been studied a formula to suit the need to get colour at home, granting 100% of white hair coverage without foregoing protection of the skin and well-being of the hair.

In 2007, SILIUM has been added with a relevant treatment lines, with specific SAFE COLOR products for dyed hair to protect the colour and maintain it long lasting .

In the same period, SILIUM entered into the pharmacy distribution channel.

In 2012, the SILIUM laboratories launched  a new direct colour line, EASY COLOR, formula based on a high percentage of colour pigments which deposits onto the keratin of the hair, without modifying its structure: it increases the reflections on coloured or natural hair, conceals regrowth, refreshes the chemical colour in the between of a treatments ant the other, grants  brightness and shine to the hair.

Following the market trend for GREEN products, in 2015, SILIUM  was enhanced with a new direct colour line: ORGANIC POWDER COLOR, a natural powder colour (over 90%) which does not penetrate the hair, but is deposited on and bound to the keratin scales. The addition of essential oils leaves the hair soft, souple and easy to comb.

2017 it has been launched  BASIC line; specific treatments for the different needs of all hair types: brittle, dry, frizzy or dull, in single-dose kits combined with shampoos.

2018 the revolution: SILIUM 10 MINUTI an innovative, high-performance line, 100% coverage of grey hair in just 10 minutes. An ammonia-free, non-progressive, permanent colour.

To complete our offer of hair treatments, in 2019, SILIUM launched the HAIR CARE line; anti-age, anti-frizz products which revive curls and add volume.

2020 the extension line of the permanent coloration with the new size pack MAXI : 5 CEREALI and 10 MINUTI .

MAXI pack is extraordinary competitive in price and suitable to a double use or for people who has very long or thick hair.
It contains double content of all the compounds.


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In the best perfumery shops, pharmacies with a cosmetic department and OTC pharmacies all over Italy who will be able to advise you on the best product for your needs.

Outside Italy, we are present in Malta, France, Albania and Vietnam, Middle East and in new countries always growing up.

Our Mission

SILIUM provides the best no-stress hair care solutions, with selected ingredients and cutting-edge formulas whilst keeping in line with market trends.

SILIUM, EASY-TO-USE products, which are effective and respect your scalp and hair. Our client is the person  who wants to take care of her/his hair at home in a comfortable  way, with professional formulas  saving time and money .

Professional, EASY-TO-USE result.

SILIUM has always kept a close eye on market trends and continues to look for updated raw materials and innovative solutions, while maintaining the goal of developing functional, high-performing and safe products that protect the WELL-BEING of its clients, without compromises.


SILIUM always chooses targeted partners: experts in the permanent or direct colour field, specialised in hair treatments… all of them renowned and acknowledged for their skills and strictly Made in Italy.

SILIUM also selects and chooses Italian suppliers to produce the packaging, bottles and materials for stores.

The graphics and product launch strategies are managed and monitored directly by the staff of Carma Italia srl.